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Information about Digital Prints
To preserve the original color and quality of digital prints, the photo must be protected, i.e. matt glass frame or stored in a plastic sleeve, out of direct sunlight or extreme humidity.  Paulmahder.com is note responsible for any damage caused by inappropriate handling.

About digital manipulation
I use a 4”x5” Wisner Technical Field camera for all of my images. No digital manipulation or computer alterations were used in the taking and creation of these images unless otherwise noted. They are called digital prints because they are printed digitally. This is because of the superior quality of digital printing machines. All texture images are created by superimposing multiple 4”x5” chromes and negatives on a light table. What you see in the print is what I see on the light table looking through multiple images. I then scan each image on a high resolution scanner and layer the images (without altering the images) in photoshop. High resolution images are then sent to my printer, Novacolor Inc. in St. Louis Missouri.

Signed Limited Edition

Applies to artworks produced in a deliberately limited quantity. Each item in the edition is identical and is an original work of art. The limited size of the edition and the artist’s signature enhances the value of each piece. Each piece is signed on the back of the print.

A trademarked photographic paper and the process of making prints with such paper. Ilfochrome prints are produced from slides or transparencies, not color negatives. Ilfochrome was formerly named Cibachrome.





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