• “The statuesque bodies of Paul Mahder are angels plunging into primal waters and the midnight womb, where ancient limbs swing in and out of time, where skin and soul cry out for air, for light, for each other. Men and women coming home to the sacred.”
    Farid Paya – Director, Lierre Theatre, Paris
  • “Mahder boldly confronts us with our true place in an evolutionary world. No solo human dominance here as “figure dances with ground” and eros, spirit and the earthly planet are held in balance bringing us to a conscious sensual experience in each of his carefully crafted prints.”
    John Kysela – Art historian
  • “Your art makes me think (almost) that maybe love is stronger than I give it credit for ... I was born and raised Muslim. My father would tell us kids how us mortals could not see God because His beauty would overcome our mortal senses. Whether God exists or nor, your photos almost burned me up, there was so much beauty in them.”
    Ozlem Ersin

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